Wednesday, January 4, 2012

From The Desk Of... (Resolutions #6 & #7)

Well, it's Wednesday! And Wednesday of our official "week back to work/post-holidays/mid-Winter blues week." Unless you are one of my two brothers and you're on never-ending winter break from college!

This week has been madness! I guess that's to be expected after several weeks of down time. Monday night, we shot a commercial here at my house (Tulsans, get ready to see it on TV soon!) It was SO much fun- not only because I'm so invested in the project (it's my freelance job) but also because it's so great to see your house through the lens of a camera. It made me excited and proud all at once.

And it certainly made those "dirty" spots on the floor gleam like they were under spotlights! But that's what movie magic is for. :)

On top of shooting a commercial at my house this week, I have some more fun news: I get to be part of Tulsa's "Singles in the City" fundraiser! I say "get" to be a part of it- because the idea of being "auctioned" for a date scares me just a bit, so I'm trying to stay positive. BUT... it's for a good cause: Make A Wish Foundation of Oklahoma. I have a... photo shoot?!... on Friday for the February issue of Oklahoma Magazine.

Gulp. And, gulp again.

Despite the commercials and photo shoots and movie magic, oh my- (HA)-  it's not all glamour around here, folks.

In fact, this year I'm buckling down to achieve a few things that have been on the to-do list for a while. Some serious things.

Resolutions 6 & 7, if you will.

The first being:

Finish my office/guest room!

This project has been going on... in my head... for quite a while. It took me some time to decide what I wanted the room to look like. And now that I have a general idea, I'm putting my energy and resources into making that happen.

The requirements? A world map, like this: (Already purchased; check!)

A writing desk, like this:

Comfortable bedding, like this:

And a new file cabinet for paper, paper and more paper. (Already purchased; check!)

Cozy and functional; a place I can work on freelance, take a big nap, and work on my blog.

And a place for resolution #7 to happen, as well:

Meet My Financial Goals.

Last year, I set out to have more stability and to re-open a 401K account.

This year, my specific goals include:
-Pay off my Volvo (HUGE goal!)
-Save up for a big trip (forthcoming resolution spoiler alert!)
-Manage all bills online

That last one probably seems goofy- but it's part of my overall management plan. And it's certainly attainable. And eco-friendly!

2012 is going to be a year where business happens. Where financial goals are met. Where serious-minded things happen. And every serious-minded gal needs a functional office.

It's also going to be a year where fun, out-of-the-blue things happen. Where random photo shoots and commercials take place and company comes to visit and, therefore, naps must be taken. Every serious-minded, yet fun-loving gal needs a good nap room, reading room, writing room.

So this is the year of the guest room/office.

The true "Lindsay's Lounge", so to speak. :)

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