Sunday, January 8, 2012

Take Flight (Resolutions #8 & #9)

I woke up today wishing I could escape. Do you ever feel that way? I live on my own and have plenty of "space," but all I want to do is lose myself at the beach for a day with a good book, or wander the streets of Manhattan, drinking coffee and people watching.

Of course, it's been a doozy of a week. If this first week of January is any indicator of the year ahead- let's  just say it will be busy- and a bit of an emotional roller coaster!

Life comes with the good and the bad. One day you're contemplating a new relationship and working a few poses at a photo shoot (HA), and the next- your heart is heavy for a friend. So very, very heavy.

Good and bad, all mixed up together. It's life, I tell ya. We've all lived it.

But it doesn't mean there aren't days I wouldn't love to pack up a day bag and just go. Leave the cell phone at home. Explore, relax, reflect.

That's probably my favorite part about travel; it allows you to literally be someone else. Before I went to Spain, I didn't consider myself a "museum girl" but now, I can't imagine travel without soaking up important bits of history. You learn a lot about yourself when you're away from your routine. You find you're more capable than you knew; you find out things that interest you and draw you in. You find out who you miss, who you wish was by your side- and who you don't miss.

For all of those things and more, I've decided on two very important resolutions for 2012:

Travel To NYC for BlogHer 2012

Travel Abroad

Big resolutions! Costly resolutions! But ones I am making priority again this year, all the same.

I love New York City- and I can't wait to attend another BlogHer conference. So what a perfect match-up! I will drink great coffee, spend my free time in museums and all of the rest of my time beefing up my social media prowess.

And then, the big one: travel abroad.

I've been slowly making... arrangements?... on this resolution for a while. I've started saving more. I bought back a large amount of AA miles that suddenly expired on me. I am researching and praying and letting a few destinations settle into my bones to see which one comes out the winner.

But, I crave travel in 2012. Not just because I have 20+ vacation days going into 2012, but because I want to see who Lindsay is in 2012. Will I find myself on a quiet countryside, going to pub crawls and touring castles? Will I go to market extravaganzas and ride camels and watch beautiful sunsets over the desert? Or will I return to the country that started the travel bug altogether and drink sangria on the coast?

Maybe I'll just find myself in a bustling city where I can lose myself in museums and coffee shops.

Regardless, I know that this is the year for travel. This is the year to make that leap.

And I can't wait to meet the girl who comes out on the other side of these adventures!

Whether your adventure takes you across the street or across the ocean- where do you want to go in 2012?

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  1. What a great resolution! And I hope you do this resolution this year, you deserve it my friend, and hopefully a trip to Denver too! Since 2011 was not a year of travel for me I am anxious to get a few trips in this year! There are a few that are in early stages...more of just thoughts milling about but first James and I are heading for a long weekend in Telluride at the beginning of February! We have never been there but heard really great things and it's been on our "list" for awhile now so I am very excited!


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