Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dreams & Drive-Thru's

2012 is certainly shaping up to be an interesting year! I feel like a number of things that have been a long time in the making will be-and already are- taking shape this year. Big shocks, big revelations. Big dreams.

In other words: big scares, all around.

As I've said before, change has never come easily for me- and so far, that's all 2012 has been: one change after another.

I'm handling it in my typical fashion: tears, meltdowns in the middle of Starbucks (yeah, it happened) and a tiny bit of dramatic despair.

But in times like these, I also find my faith is the strongest, and my hope for the future the brightest. Even if that future seems far away.

Holding onto our dreams is so important. I don't want to be someone who loses sight of those dreams, even when the big shocks, big revelations and big scares come my way.

Sometimes speaking our fears out loud is scary; and even more terrifying? Speaking our dreams out loud.

I'm scared of losing my career, losing my health, losing the relationships- professional and personal- I've worked so hard to nurture. I'm scared of losing money, of diminishing faith, of making the right choices. Doing too little, doing too much, worry, worry, worry.

So on the sunny side of those fears, I push myself to celebrate my work successes more often. I sign up for more races, because they motivate and challenge me. I save money, and I save up- for trips, shoes, life. I pray when I'm driving or falling asleep at night. And I take a break from it all to go shopping with a friend, have coffee with another.

And if in the middle of that coffee date I have a meltdown, it's OK.

Because making dreams happen in the midst of fear and uncertainty isn't easy- and it shouldn't be.

Change will happen. Big shocks, big revelations and big scares will come my way.

But that extra money? It will cushion the fall. Those races? They'll keep me light on my feet. That prayer time? It will nourish my soul. Those new shoes? They'll help me stand a little taller in the face of fear.

And those relationships? They will be my support system, no matter what.

But... we might opt for Starbucks drive-thru from now on. Just in case. :)

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  1. Yes Lindsay! Joyce Meyer has a great teaching called 'Do it afraid.' The basic point being - there is going to be fear in life. We will feel fear. BUT - we can learn to live life and move forward - even if we're afraid. Such a simple but powerful thought. Here's a link to an article of her's on that topic but you also may want to check out her teaching series on overcoming fear. It's a winner! You're doing great!

    Here's a link to the teaching series:


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