Monday, February 8, 2010

Travel Essentials

This past weekend, I went on a quick girls getaway with one of my best friends to Branson. It was a short and sweet trip- gone only 24 hours. But, whether you're flying or driving... staying a night or 5 nights... you need some basics when you hit the road.
I love traveling- whether it's for work or fun. I love grabbing a coffee or Sonic Vanilla Coke before a long drive. I love ordering spicy tomato juice with ice on the airplane. I love comfy clothes and luggage and seeing people and places. Travel... good for the soul.
So, lets discuss our travel essentials. Here are a few of mine....

A good pair of flats. They need to be comfy enough to kick off in the car... easy enough to slip off in the security line at the airport... but cute enough to hit the ground running as soon as you arrive. These are from Dillards... and I love them!

Next up: the lightweight scarf. I am aquiring quite a collection of pretty scarves. I love that you can use them to dress up an outfit... or make it more casual. They're lightweight enough to keep you cool... but when the dude in the middle seat on the airplane cranks the AC in your direction... it will keep you warm. Ah, a travel must-have: Vera Bradley. I have everything in this Java Blue- the duffel, the overnight kit, the make-up bag, the jewelry bag... and I love it. This duffel has traveled all over the US- and even overseas! It's held up amazingly well.

I'm not sure how women ever traveled without the help of Juicy. I once read that Victoria Beckham will wear her skinny jeans and Christian Louboutins on the airplane- even when going overseas. She says traveling is an event that should be dressed up for. I love Ms. Beckham... but when i'm traveling... i'll take a Juicy sweatsuit over skinny jeans any day.

I also love these adorable open sweaters. They're easy to throw on over anything and are great to bundle up in.
What are some of your travel essentials?

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  1. Agreed, ballet flats at security equals best decision ever.


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