Saturday, April 21, 2012


Today, I'm heading to Norman to celebrate my middle-little brother's 21st birthday!

Middle-little brother; aka, he's 3rd in the O'Donnell child order.

Second to come to down the stairs Christmas morning, since we descend in reverse age order.

Um, anyway!

I'm really looking forward to it. We're going to The Mont, a popular college hang-out in Norman.

My outfit will say, "I'm not trying to look like a college girl. But I'm still hot. You would never know I'm 28! Maybe just a grad student or an OU Law student!"

My alcohol tolerance will say, "I'm 28. One swirl for me and it's bed time!"

Oh well. I'm just glad I'm actually going to make it! This week I was slammed with allergies that morphed into a sore throat and grating couch.

The worst thing about being sick is when you convince yourself that there is something wrong with you. Since I've already had a cold and the flu this year, I think to myself, "Why are you so sick this year? Why is your immune system so low?"

*Side Note: Reading this blog post, I see that I do a lot of talking to myself. Sorry.

So, what I've decided is that my immune system is low this year- and it's due to long and stressful hours at work and an exercise regime that keeps me going non-stop with little rest.

I am trying to balance out my work life- but my job will always have a little stress. (Who's job doesn't?) And I love exercising; it not only serves as my triathlon training, but it's a stress reliever.

So how do I pump up my immune system in spite of it all?

I've decided I need to start taking a daily vitamin. And I've also decided I'm going to add more nutrients into my daily eating routine.

My current routine is this:

*Applesauce for breakfast
*Healthy Choice for lunch
*Afternoon snack (almonds; sometimes M&M's. I know.)
*Dinner (ground turkey, chicken, tuna, pasta, etc.)

I try to avoid sodas, but I do drink a daily cup of coffee. So I'm thinking I would like to incorporate a healthy smoothie into the mix. Something I can make the night before and grab on the go in the morning.

This week, I'm trying these two recipes via Joy The Baker.

What are some other good smoothie recipes out there? Anyone take a multi-vitamin that they love?

Here's to a healthy Spring & Summer!


  1. So, I just also caught on the smoothie train. My friends have always sworn by the Magic Bullet but I never was convinced till I saw it on sale at Costco. Bam. Sold. So far I've just been doing strawberry (keep the tops on for nutrients!), banana, a few blueberries, spinach (promise you can't taste it and its super healthy) and a splash of milk and ice. Whole thing takes 5 minutes.

  2. Yum, that sounds great! Trying it this week. Just loaded up on a bunch of ingredients! Do you use soylamond milk ever?


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