Thursday, April 19, 2012

Professionally Personal

Well, we made it to Thursday! As predicted, my insanely busy, long week has been just that- and to boot, I acquired a sore throat somewhere between 12am and 5am Tuesday morning, so that has been a joy as well.

But! It's Thursday; and this weekend, I get to celebrate my brother's 21st birthday in Norman!

As I put in longer and longer hours at work, I've been doing some contemplating about my blog. For a long time- really, until now- I have looked at my blog as a place to share "personal" things. Emotions (duh), travel stories, soirees and showers, pictures of my cat. You know, the usual.

But I've realized in an effort to keep my blog so "personal," I have left out a huge element of my life: my professional life.

We always shy away from oversharing in this department. Fears of your boss reading your Facebook and Twitter account keep things... PG, so to speak.

But that's only if you use social media to complain about your life. (It's OK, we all do it occasionally.)

As time wears on, my personal life and professional life are quickly blending into one. Especially this year; my professional life is more time-consuming than ever. Some may say that's not healthy; but I disagree.

I have a job that I happen to be very passionate about. I work with people that I also happen to be very close to. (Our impending camping trip may prove otherwise!) My professional life is very personal to me. (My personal life is anything but professional- ha!)

Sometimes there's nothing to say in the "personal" category- and so, there's no blog post. Usually that's because I've been working non-stop and there's nothing "personal," per se, to share. No time for fun trips, exciting stories or party-planning tips.

But there's plenty to share professionally! And no, I'm not talking complaints. I'm talking lessons learned, experiences had, and those times you feel like you really are being filmed in some weird, secret reality TV show that people in Japan are tuning in to watch week after week.

So in an effort to blog more- and to be more open about my life, which at this stage consists of a lot of work- I'm going to blog more about my work experiences.

My final reason in doing this is because like anything in life, pursuing a career is an ever-changing process of constant growth- and I want to look back in a year or two and see what my struggles and triumphs were. I have big plans for my professional life- including creating my own company- and what better platform to document that tedious process, step by step?

My life as a media producer includes lots of coffee, little sleep, passionate & fiery emotions and rewarding relationships. From my overnight editor to my days as a producer at KTUL to my current team at Auction Network- I am forging relationships for life, and learning a lot along the way.

Maybe it will interest you, and maybe it won't! If "mommy blogs" have a place in this world (which I love, for the record) then "single-girls-conquering-career blogs" have a place, too.

But don't worry; the cat pictures and occasional "emo" posts will continue.

Professionally personal; it's catchy, right?


  1. I love this post and look forward to hearing more about your work life! And this company your creating! Love you friend!


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