Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Past, Present, Future

Well, I'm back!

I can't believe this is only my third blog post the entire month of March. Where did the time go? Does 2012 seem to be flying by for anyone else? Good grief, at this rate... I should go ahead and make my New Year's Eve plans! (Which, sadly, I already have. See! I told you this year was flying by!)

This weekend, I went home to Plano, Texas for a bridal shower & to see my family. I got to go to the church I grew up in Sunday morning and heard a great sermon with the overall message being this: God's plan always moves forward. Whether we resist or move forward with it doesn't matter in the big picture. God's plan is in motion, always moving onward.

As someone who doesn't like change, who feels more comfortable in the "what was" then in the "what will be," these were powerful words.

I've had a healthy dose of "what was," "what is" and "what will be"- all this month! Yes, 2012 is not only flying by, but bring a few surprises along with it.

My past popped up in an unexpected way this month- reminders of a life I lived once. I'm not sure what to make of it- but it seems a way thinking, a chapter, has closed- and a new one has opened. A more peaceful one. Good. No, great.

As I dealt with my past, I was fully jolted into the "what is," the present, with a break-in next door last week. My neighbor was terrorized, and the intruder was shot and killed by police. My safety bubble, my home turf, was threatened.

And then just days later, my past, present and future all collided. I drank mimosas with some of my oldest friends, reminisced on memories of the past and shared hopeful wishes for the future with my friend who will walk down the aisle in just a few months.

Past, present and future.

Tonight as I write this, my safety bubble has returned. I feel grateful for the past, and so hopeful about the future. We don't know God's plan, and the "what ifs" can drive us crazy! Ghosts from the past and fears for the future can bring us to a stand still, unsure where to go next.

As for me, I'll keep moving forward, one step at a time.

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  1. About time!! Please write more often...........I miss your words! (I mean, I know you've been a little busy...but....:) As always, Luv ya!


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