Monday, February 4, 2013

Finding Balance

Happy Monday- and happy February!

I REALLY want to make more time to blog- I really do. For exactly the same reasons it seems to be so hard to blog. Life is so busy right now, full of so much... stuff. But I want to remember this season for exactly what it is!

That's why I started this blog in the first place; remembering seasons of my life. Sometimes I lose track of that focus a bit. I feel like I can't blog unless I have something life-altering to share with you, or unless I'm posting recipes, or planning a wedding, or talking about my kids, or imparting wisdom on some level.

That's why Pinterest was created! As for this blog- it's my space to keep track of this crazy life.

So, just a quick update for today: I'm finally feeling better after spending the past couple of weeks feeling... off.

Granted, there's been a lot going on. I competed in my first sprint triathlon. I went to Miami with my sister. I'm traveling to Kansas City, Dallas & Boston in the coming weeks. We're in the middle of sweeps (big ratings period) at work.

Just... a lot. And I'm one of those people that needs consistency in some form- even if it's just my morning routine of reading blogs, catching up on news, drinking hot coffee....

...... and EXERCISE. My mom said it best yesterday- I get really cranky when I can't exercise. I came home from Miami with a small case of vertigo (yes, it's real) so I had to put running & biking on the back burner for a day or two. A day of rest is one thing, several days... and I go insane.

All this to say, I had a nice slow recovery weekend. I feel SO much better. And a bit more clear-headed as well. Things I need to work on? Managing anxiety a little better. Making "me" time for that routine of mine. Remembering to take things with a grain of salt, focus on the big picture.

Life can leave your head spinning- figuratively and literally. Sometimes we spin around a bit before we're set back on our course. It's a wobbly start, but everything straightens out eventually.

Hope you find your *balance* today! Mine is a work in progress...


  1. Finally! A new blog..........not nagging mind you...I just love to read your words! :) Luv ya!

  2. Balance, what we all strive for! I love your last analogy about life...can totally identify at the moment! Miss you!


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