Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013! It's Here!

Well, here we are- 2013! I think I'm already off to a good start in the blogging department. Last day of 2012 AND first day of 2013! Maybe this whole "don't make any specific resolutions" will actually make me more intentional about the things I care about/want to change/enjoy? HMM... food for thought.

In fact... I gave up soda in September with full disclosure I could start drinking coke again anytime I wanted to.

But I haven't.

So, the KEY must be... don't make your goals a "must happen." Just see how they go, and don't beat yourself up if you don't succeed!

Now that I've given you these pearls of wisdom, you can turn off the TV, stop scouring the Internet for resolution advice, and just be with your friends and family on New Year's Day.

Actually... keep the TV on. FOX23 specifically. Especially if you live in Tulsa. Some of us have to work today!

I saw this quick little questionnaire over at Kelly's Korner- and thought I'd go ahead and answer the questions. Pass it along! Or just answer them to yourself.

OK, I promise I'll stop bossing you around now.

1. What are you most thankful for?
Oh boy, starting with a big one. My family's health & safety. My friendships. Renewing friendships. Work. My house. My cat. My health. Exercise. Jesus. Coffee. Seasons.

2. What were the highlights of 2012 for you?
January: The True Blue premiere; February: My birthday/date auction fun; May: New job beginnings (and tent camping for the first time!); June: Hilary's wedding; September: Tri Tulsa; longest race yet!; November: Thanksgiving with the family; December: Gamma Phi Beta weekend in Denver; Christmas; seeing old friends!

3. What are you hoping for in 2013?
More opportunities to travel; pursuit of writing & producing in a variety of creative mediums; finding a church home; completing an Olympic distance triathlon. Just a few. See yesterday's post about no specific resolutions! :)

4. What were some of your favorites of 2012? (Clothes, movies, songs, TV shows, )
Favorite musicians: Carrie Underwood, Florence + The Machine, Jason Aldean
Favorite clothes: leggings, boots, dresses, scarves, funky rings
Favorite TV shows: Castle, Rizzoli & Isles, Chicago Fire, Nashville, Parenthood, New Girl, Modern Family, Parks & Rec, Covert Affairs, Sons of Anarchy, The Walking Dead

5. Who was God to you in 2012?
Source of refuge, strength. Safe place. Someone I'm seeking more of in 2013.


  1. As always....happy to read your words...............:) Here's to 2013!! Luv you!

  2. I love that questionnaire! Thinking I might do it tomorrow! So glad we got to catch up a few weeks ago, looking forward to our upcoming monthly phone date!:)


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